Adding texture to the robot is in the final stages of the animation process, and is also by far the most satisfying stage! When animating we have to use a low polly version of the robot, making it a lot quicker to animate and for when rendering out test shots. We have also found that is stops the software from crashing (which it does a lot!)

So once the animation is complete we get to have fun and make the robot look like a real robot rather than an edgy grey object moving on the screen. To add texture we use the render Menue called Hypershade, this allows us to select a texture, edit it and then assign it to a specific selected object.
For our robot we chose three different textures. One for the main Body (White) one for the links and moving parts (Black Metallic) and another for the inside of the eyes (Turquoise) which we assigned a slight glow to to give the eyes a light like appearance.

To make it easier to get the same texture settings for each scene we exported the Hypershade settings which can be imported at anytime to assign to the individual robot scenes.

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