In some of our shots we wanted to have some movement so this meant tracking the shot in Match Mover.
When we did some test tracks we set up the shot with easy tracking points, this made it a lot easier to get a smooth and successful track. The only down side to this was that the track points were obviously placed in the scene and were very visible taking the focus away from the main part of the scene, the robot.

Because of this we decided that we were not going to place tracking points in the scene when filming, but try and use the natural right angles and places with high contrast that make for good tracking points for the final track in Match Mover.
Unfortunately this didn’t always work as well as we had hoped in some shot. So instead of creating a manual track where we input the tracking points ourselves and adjust them so that they fit the scene perfectly, we decided to try and use the Automatic Tracking that Match Mover has as a function. This tended to work very well and would find manny tracking points and build up a good spread through out the shot. In some cases this was more of a hindrance than a benefit, mainly because it would track points that we didn’t want to be tracked. Such as people, cars and other objects moving in the background, anything that is not constantly static in the shot. A lot of the time this would throw off the track and change the whole geometry of the scene making it jump around. Obviously this couldn’t happen when the robot was in the scene because he would sit right and would slide without any animation. To stop this from happening we decide that we were going to keep using the automatic track but edit the tracking points in Match Mover. We started off by using another automatic setting on the program that cleaned up the tracking points getting rid of ones that were too short or just jumped around too much. After that we then had to go rough each track point and find the tracking points that were tracked to the moving objects in the back ground, people and cars, and delete them. Once this was done we ended up with a solid track and a scene that we could start animating in.

The shot above is a screen shot of the track after we have cleaned it up and removed most of the unwanted tracking points.

The shot above is another screen shot of the same scene but i havent done any of the cleaning up of the track. As is visible there are a lot more tracking points in the scene and a lot less them as green points which is the highest quality track. All of these small changes helo to throw the track off and ruin the animation we place in it.

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