Sound design.

Sound plays a huge part in the success of our short film, without it the robot would look completely out of place. From watching films such as Transformers, iRobot and A.I i found that without the sound of the robots moving the CGI still looks stuck on top of the footage. There fore we knew that this was going to be similar to our film. As we had already filmed and animated most of our shots we already had a rough idea fo what we wanted the robot to sound like and other sounds that are needed in the back ground.

With all this fresh in our heads we drove down to the road we filmed on in pool. Armed with a microphone we proceded to record the sounds we needed. The sounds mostly consisted of the sea, birds, footsteps and car noises. Car noises being the hardest to record mainly because of how loud the road as but aslos because cars passing by insisted on beeping there horns when they saw the microphone. Because of this we had to be a bit more covert with our recordings and sit in the car with the window open.

After spending most of the day in pool recording manny different sounds we decided to come back home to record some of the less natural sounds for the robot. These sounds were the ones that we really wanted to get right, they would make the film.We started with the noises the robot would make when walking, his legs, arm,s head etc. These sounds had to sound quite electronic but also have quite a smooth moment to them. We decided to experiment with different objects such as a drill, electric razor, food blender and a toy helicopter.

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