Editing the sound.

This was part of the project where we underestimated the time needed to create all the sounds and edit them together to fit the film. In a previous post i explained how we went around recording the individual sounds ready to be edited together.

This all had to be done after the final edit of the film was finished as we were sinking up the sound to the video on Soundtrack Pro. A nice feature of Soundtrack is that you are able to import the video in to the program, this makes lining up the sound to the video a lot easier. Saying this there were still no shortcuts to editing the sound.

Because we had recorded the sounds with the robot movements in mind it made it a lot easier to find the right sounds for all the movements. There was still a bit of sound editing needed to make the sounds fit the movement better, for example changing the pitch of some so they sounded more like a sound that a robot of his size would. This consisted of mainly changing the pitch and the EQ.
Another aspect that took a lot of time to edit was the volume of each clip. Normally when shooting a film we would record the sound at the same time as shooting, this helps when calculating the levels because they are recorded at the same distance as the camera. For our film we had to calculate what level the sounds would be at in each clip depending on how close the camera is to the subject. We also had to work out how manny different sounds there would be in each clip to make it all sound realistic.

In the final edit we ended up with 40 different tracks all consisting of separate sounds that make up the film. With each sound we had to change the pan levels so that they were mostly central to Left and Right. In some of the shots we tried to pan the sound according to the direction of robot and sounds in the clip. although as i said previously we underestimated the time needed to create and edit each sound, also as we ended up with such a large amount of tracks this also made it harder to regulate each sound correctly. Eventually we managed to get the sound edited to the best of our ability. One thing that was a big learning curve for us was the time needed, the sound design could have been a project in itself let alone animating and filming a short video as well.

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